The state of elections in the US today is almost enough to make you cry. Since the Supreme Court ruled that corporate money is free speech, money has flooded into political “Super PACs” like never before. Not only can corporations spend unlimited amounts of money to support or oppose a political candidate for the first time in US history, but the Super PACs aren’t required to disclose their donors, making it difficult to know who is spending millions to influence our elections. More than $350,000,000 has been spent by these groups already during this election cycle. Their ads, phone calls and mailings are increasingly drowning out the voices of individuals and grassroots groups.At Crossroads Fund, we know that sometimes the only way to keep from crying is to laugh. That’s why we’re excited to fund a political comedy series addressing the impact of big money on the presidential race. Our friends at Schadenfreude have produced Poor Judgement, a hillarious web series about how the Super PAC ad sausage gets made. Watch the videos on the Poor Judgement YouTube page! And we are sponsoring an all-star political sketch comedy show on November 3rd at the Beat Kitchen:Schadenfreude & Friends Present:  This Country’s (Still) F$cked Saturday Nov. 3rd, 6:30pm  21 and older, $12 – Buy Tickets Online! Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. BelmontThese programs were made possible by the Synapses Foundation and Donald F. Erickson, whose dedication to racial, social and economic justice was matched by his belief that comedy could change the world. When the Synapses Foundation was dissolved in 2007 its assets served as an endowment gift to Crossroads Fund. We made a commitment to support political sketch comedy to honor Don’s legacy, and we hope you enjoy the results as much as we do.These programs were supported by a grant from Crossroads Fund. They may not reflect our opinions or beliefs, but since our mission is to advance racial, social and economic justice, we’re forced to embrace artistic freedom as well.