// TweetShareCrossroads Fund is excited to announce that we made more than $1 million in grants to 120 powerful grassroots organizations in our most recently completed fiscal year, ending June 30th.It’s the most we’ve given in a single year – ever!By pooling resources from over 1,000 donors and engaging in a community-driven grantmaking process, Crossroads Fund was able to deliver more resources to the organizers and activists who are reimagining and realizing the just Chicago that we deserve.Chicago’s organizing ecosystem is thriving, and we want to celebrate this with you. Thank you for helping to make $1 million in grants possible.    Crossroads Fund Staff  Since 1981, Crossroads Fund has served as an anchor organization for movement building across the city by moving money for grassroots organizers working at the intersections of racial, social, and economic justice in Chicago. Since day one, we have been committed to using a community grantmaking model to fund bold organizing that is led by people directly impacted by issues of injustice.Click here to learn about the work of our 2018 grantees.