Gifting Stocks, Bonds & Securities

Making a gift of appreciated stocks and bonds is a winning situation for you as a donor and for Crossroads Fund, because when you give appreciated stocks and bonds you are able to deduct the full market value and avoid capital gains taxes. Crossroads Fund is able to sell the stock and realize the full gains in value of the stock.

Interested in making a gift of stocks, bonds or securities? Learn more about the process here, or contact Jeanne Kracher, Executive Director at or 773.227.7676.

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Instructions for Gifting Stocks, Bonds and Securities
Securities must be received by Crossroads Fund in the calendar year for which you intend to take the tax deduction (in other words, by December 31st.) It is best to allow six weeks for the transfer. Consult with your tax and investment advisors about the amount and types of securities you wish to give. Call Crossroads Fund’s Executive Director, Jeanne Kracher to review the process: 773.227.7676.

If you are gifting mutual fund shares, the mutual fund will usually be happy to set up a courtesy account for Crossroads Fund. Ask the mutual fund or your investment advisor to send the new account forms to Crossroads Fund. Then prepare a letter of instruction to the mutual fund, asking them to transfer the designated number of shares to the new Crossroads Fund account, at no sales fee.

If you hold your own stock certificates, you can safely transfer those certificates to Crossroads Fund’s investment account at T.D. Ameritrade.

If you have an investment account of your own at T.D. Ameritrade, draft a letter of instruction to T.D. Ameritrade, listing your account number, the number and type of securities you wish to transfer, and the instructions to transfer to Crossroads Fund’s account.

If you have an investment account at another brokerage, write a letter of instruction to your broker with your directions to transfer the securities to Crossroads Fund’s account at T.D. Ameritrade.

Have questions? Ready to make a gift? Contact Jeanne Kracher, Executive Director at 773.227.7676.

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