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}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));TweetShareCrossroads Fund is excited to announce that our 2018 Giving Project cohort – a multi-racial, cross-class, intersectional group of 25 people – raised $109,777 from 425 donors!  This amazing amount of money, which, combined with a $50,000 match from Crossroads Fund enabled us to grant out over $144,000 to 29 grassroots groups in Chicago!Over the course of six months, the cohort participated in deep conversations on race and class; made individual monetary donations that were significant to them; raised funds from their network through a process of “donor organizing;” and practiced participatory grantmaking to support strategic, necessary, and underfunded social justice organizing work around the city.“I gained a solid understanding of radical giving and why mobilizing even a smaller amount of money can be incredibly impactful. I also gained a diverse network of people I feel comfortable asking hard questions, which I feel will support me as I continue to organize and fundraise.” – Giving Project participant We want to lift up the commitment each member made to be part of this transformative journey. Through staff-facilitated trainings that explicitly named anti-blackness, white supremacy and centered the experiences of people of color, the group had in-depth and nuanced discussions on the realities of structural oppression in our society and how our race and class show up in fundraising and grantmaking. Join us in congratulating them on their boldness and determination to fund groups fighting on the front lines for change.Pictured by row from top left. Deepa Arora, Bronwen Schumacher, Cristina Guerrero, Samantha Asofsky, Deb Kim, Sawyer Hopps, Jessica Ratchford, Laura Botwinick, Armando Santana, Mac Grambauer, Jordan Maze, Alyson Hankwitz, Kim Hunt, Lynn Meissner, De’Ronnius Young, Mollie Anderson, Brenda Hernandez, Irina Zadov, Elisabeth Jansen, Megan Murray Cusick, Mauricio Roman, Taryne Moore, Jazmin Martinez, Leah Greenblum, Andrea Meza. Since 2015 the Giving Project program has raised more than $370,000 from over 750 donors. The Crossroads Fund’s Giving Project is an innovative model for blending philanthropy and grassroots organizing. Through political education that explores race and class, alumni of the Giving Project are equipped with fundraising and grantmaking skills, to be stronger advocates for raising money for progressive movements. Crossroads Fund is a public foundation that supports grassroots organizations for racial, social, and economic justice. Interested in joining a Giving Project? Conact Emmanuel Garcia at emmanuel@crossroadsfund.org. The groups below received funding through the Giving ProjectAutonomous Tenants UnionPilsen AllianceBlack and Pink ChicagoR.A.G.E. – Resident Association of Greater EnglewoodBlack Lives Matter ChicagoRaise Your Hand for IL Public EducationBrave Space AllianceSister SurvivorChicago Coalition to Save Our Mental Health Centers          Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation (SOUL)Chicago Housing InitiativeSrewolf & Nitram Foundation H.E.A.R.T.S.EquiticitySt. Kateri Center of ChicagoFor the People Artists CollectiveSWOP-ChicagoHealing to ActionUjimaa MedicsIllinois Birth JusticeUNION Impact CenterIxchelUnited Taxidrivers Community Council (UTCC)Live Free ChicagoWest Side Historical Preservation Society Inc.Love & ProtectWestside Justice CenterLugenia Burns Hope CenterWorking Family SolidarityMoms United Against Violence and Incarceration