picture of Jeanne Kracher

Jeanne Kracher, Executive Director, has a wealth of experience in community organizing and nonprofit management. The 2008 recipient of the Louis T. Delgado Social Justice in Philanthropy Award from the Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Sector Program at Loyola University Chicago, she was a founding member of ACT-UP/Chicago, executive director of Women in the Director’s Chair, and a member of the Women’s Health Education Project. She has produced films and videos addressing a variety of subjects from healthcare in prisons to a history of the women’s global justice movement. She also served on the board of Crossroads from 1996 to 1998. She has been the Executive Director at Crossroads Fund since March of 2000.

picture of Jane Kimondo

Jane Kimondo, Program Director, oversees grantmaking, capacity building programs, convenings and community events, and special initiatives, including the development of a social movement evaluation tool. She previously worked at Chicago Foundation for Women. She holds two Master's Degrees in Organizational Development and Human Resources and a Certificate in Advanced Study in Philanthropy & Non-Profit Sector from Loyola University Chicago. Jane has extensive international and nonprofit experience in both Chicago and her native country, Kenya.

picture of Katie Madden

Katie Madden, Administrative Assistant, joined Crossroads Fund in October 2016 after a two-year break from work to finish her undergraduate degree at DePaul University. Previously she spent 13 years in the Office of Philanthropy at Rush University Medical Center; and was Associate Director of donor relations. Katie is a founding member of Friends of Thorp, a parent-run not-for-profit at O. A. Thorp Scholastic Academy. and she served as president for two years. She is currently on the board of Power Packs. Katie is happy to be back in the working world at Crossroads Fund. 

picture of Kristina Roque

Kristina Roque, Operations Manager, dedicated the last 13 years to being a volunteer in the Chicago Public School system. She has made a profound impact in CPS by serving on the Local School Council for 6 years and is a founding Board member of a non-for-profit Parents & Teachers Organization. An advocate for both the Fine Arts and Dual Language Programs, her efforts have increased parent involvement in schools, raised funds to provide teacher grants and improved communication among parents, teachers and administration.

picture of Emmanuel Garcia

Emmanuel Garcia, Development and Communications Manager, is a community organizer and co-founder of the Association of Latino Men for Action (ALMA) Scholarship; a scholarship that is awarded annually to two Latino gay, bi youth. Formerly, he led a social marketing campaign in Cicero, IL that addressed the issues of homophobia, transphobia, and HIV/AIDS stigma within the Latino community. Emmanuel is a former Lisa Fittko intern at Crossroads Fund.

picture of Emily Duma

Emily Duma, Program Manager, is a native Wisconsinite who is passionate about the redistribution of wealth and resources. Emily has a background in food justice work and neighborhood organizing, and is a former Emerson National Hunger Fellow, a co-founder of Regenerative Finance (an organization that works to shift the economy by transferring control of capital to communities most affected by racial, economic and environmental injustice), and proudly sits on the boards of Resource Generation and the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

picture of Ed Vogel

Ed Vogel, Communications and Finance Associate, has experience working in administrative and fundraising roles with different organizations in Chicago. He is a member of the Chicago Community Bond Fund.  Ed was a 2017 Giving Project participant at Crossroads fund.