Seeds of Change 2020: Virtual Celebration


Friday, April 03 2020 - 11:00 pm


Virtual Week-long Celebration

Dear Community,


In light of the real concerns about exposure to COVID-19, Crossroads Fund board and staff have decided to modify our annual benefit, Seeds of Change. We want to center the health and well-being of what would have been a gathering of over 500 guests. 


We are pivoting to make Seeds of Change a virtual week-long celebration with a kick-off date of March 27. While we may not be able to convene our community in the same physical space, we can still collectively achieve the goals and purpose of our annual celebration:


  • Celebrate our 2020 Awardees
    • Raise Your Hand Illinois for Public Education 
    • Street Vendors Association of Chicago
    • Cheryl Graves and Ora Schub (posthumously) 
  • Participate in an online Silent Auction
  • Raise money to fund movements for change, not charity!


Our community is comprised of people invested in radical movements that are at the forefront of change: groups that teach us to make a way out of no way; Movements that reimagine and fight to change systems when they fail us; and activists that lean on hope when it seems there is none. Our mission is to support those groups and communities when they need us the most. In uncertain times, let’s demonstrate what community and showing up for each other looks like.


Thank you for supporting us to be a reliable funding resource to groups on the ground.





Join grantees, board members, and friends of the CROSSROADS FUND

As we raise money to fund movements for change, not charity!



Friday, March 27, 2020 - Friday, April 3, 2020


 We invite you to participate in our virtual week-long celebration!

Friday, March 27th

Saturday, March 28th

Sunday, March 29th

Monday, March 30th

Tuesday, March 31st

Wednesday, April 1st

Thursday, April 2nd

Friday, April 3rd


For more information, please contact Emmanuel Garcia at 773.227.7676 or


We accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

New decade, new reasons to celebrate movements for justice in Chicago!




Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education (RYH) engages, informs, and empowers parents to protect and strengthen public education for all children in Chicago and Illinois by eliminating inequities in public schools. Their campaigns include: adequate and equitable school funding, reduction of standardized testing, democratic and transparent public school governance, a moratorium on school privatization, appropriate special education services for students, and safeguards for student data privacy. RYH is part of a coalition that is challenging the City of Chicago for its use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) subsidies to luxury real estate developers at the detriment of local public schools.




In 1997, attorneys Cheryl Graves and Ora Schub developed the first juvenile court diversion program in Chicago based on restorative justice practices. In 2003, they founded the Community Justice for Youth Institute, which has since trained thousands of people in restorative justice principles and practices. Lovingly known as the “grandmothers of Chicago’s restorative justice movement,” Cheryl and Ora created clear processes for how communities can respond to harm when it occurs, inspiring a generation of young activists to envision a world without police and prisons. Sadly, Ora passed away in 2018 after a long battle with cancer.




The Street Vendors Association of Chicago (SVAC) fights for an inclusive economy by organizing street vendors to build political and economic power without fear of police harassment, excessive fines, and discrimination. Subsequently, SVAC led the campaign to push Chicago’s City Council to legalize street vending in 2015. Further, SVAC played a crucial role in the passing of the Limited Worker Cooperative Association Act, which enables worker-owned cooperatives to register as business organizations in Illinois. SVAC provides a sustainable model and structures for an equitable economy and development in communities experiencing racial wealth divides and active disinvestment.



Cook County Commissioner Alma E. Anaya

State Representative Kelly Cassidy

State Senator Cristina Castro

State Representative Robyn Gabel

State Representative Will Guzzardi

Alderwoman Maria Hadden

Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson

Alderman Daniel La Spata

State Representative Theresa Mah

State Representative Aaron Ortiz

Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

State Representative Lamont Robinson Jr.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez

Alderman Andre Vasquez

Alderman Scott Waguespack


Tony Alvarado-Rivera

Mollie Anderson* & Al Rosenberg

Emmanuel Andre*

Lourdes Arias

Gary M. Arnold*

Margot Babington

Becky Belcore & Christopher Williams

Laura K. Botwinick

Evette Cardona & Mona Noriega

Megan Carney

Henry Cervantes*

Inhe Choi

Ann Christophersen

Alice Cottingham

James & Megan Murray Cusick*

Shelley Davis & Omar McRoberts

Michelle Di Benedetto

Sue Eleuterio* & Tom Sourlis

Ruth & Dale Fast

Denise Ferguson*

Amy & Andrew Funk

Carolina Gallo

Roxana Gonzalez*

Sharlyn Grace

Mac Grambauer

Rhoda Rae Gutierrez & Jim Clark

Tracie Hall*

Abbey Hambright & Ben Santos

Pat Handlin

Jani Hoft* & Linda Wagner

Kheira Issaoui-Mansouri*

Susan Kaplan

Alice Kim

Julia Klein*

Jeanne Kracher & Laura McAlpine

Nora Kyger*

Skyler Larrimore

 Laura León

Rebecca Levin & Sophie Kaluziak

Sharmili Majmudar & Laura Noah

Sheila McAnanly & John Rake

Lynn Meissner

Agnes Meneses*

Joy Messinger

Joey Mogul

Michelle Morales*

Mary F. Morten & Willa J. Taylor

Sheila O'Donnell & Nora Gallagher

Gina M. Olson & Amy Johnson

Alan Paberzs

Chandra Palmer

Amisha Patel & Neena Hemmady

Lisa Marie Pickens & Rima Malhotra

Jon Quinn*

Barbara Ransby & Peter Sporn

Ireri Rivas*

Alma Rodriguez

Brittany Roque

Mony Ruiz-Velasco

Dick Simpson

Max Suchan

Kandace Thomas, MPP, PhD

Monica Trinidad

Thelma Uranga

Pascale Ife Williams

Tom Wilson

Irina Zadov

Jaquelyn C. Zevin


(as of 3.27.2020)


Leadership Circle: $7,500 and above

Robert R. McCormick Foundation


Changemakers: $5,000 - $7,499

Anonymous (2)

Sue Eleuterio & Tom Sourlis

Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation


Catalysts: $2,500 – $4,999

Irving Harris Foundation

Jani Hoft & Linda Wagner

Paul Lehman & Ronna Stamm

Sheila McAnanly

Pierce Family Foundation


Visionaries: $1,000 – $2,499

Arbella Advisors

Lucy & Peter Ascoli

John A. D’Emilio

Bob Horton & Jim Perry

Jeanne Kracher & Laura McAlpine

McAlpine Consulting for Growth

Resource Generation


Movers & Shakers: $750 – $999

Stephen & Holly Babington

Tami Cohen

David de Vries

Gordon Quinn

Kim Wasserman


Stewards: $500-$749

Sam Asofsky

Mollie Anderson

Gary Arnold

Margot Babington

Becky Belcore & Chris Williams

Ann Christophersen & Amy Blumenthal

Jeffrey Edwards

Barbara Engel

Amy & Andrew Funk

Joseph Grant

Julia Klein

Skyler Larrimore & Felipe Diaz-Arango

Amanda Lewis

Annie Logue & Rick Lantz

Mary F. Morten & Willa J. Taylor

James & Megan Murray Cusick

Kim Nguyen

Barbara Phillips

Jon Quinn

Mony Ruiz-Velasco

Third Wave Fund

Eileen Willenborg & Jane Melnick


Sponsors: $250 – $499

Leslie Beller

James L. Bennett

Mardge Cohen & Gordon Schiff

Leslie Corbett & Aaron Chenoweth

Alice Cottingham

Gary Cozette

Jessyca Dudley

Sandy & Mark Elhert

James & Janet Fennerty

Caroline Henry & Jim Charlton

Kheira Issaoui-Mansouri

Peter & Tamara Jaffe-Notier

Susan & John Kim

Nora Kyger & Bill Foster

Troy LaRaviere

Tuyet Le

Sharmili Majmudar & Laura Noah

Gordon Mayer

Susan Nussbaum

Lisa Marie Pickens & Rima Malhotra

Marcus Rodriguez

Bruce Scheff

Mary Schneider

Dick Simpson

Thomas Wilson