Sheila O'DonnellI’ve been raising money since I sold sweet and sour lollipops in junior high school, for the travel expenses of my debate team…which means that I’ve been a grassroots fundraiser for over twenty years.  About a decade ago I learned about Kim Klein and the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, both an incredible resource for grassroots fundraisers (seriously, if you want to raise money for anything and you don’t have a subscription to the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, get one, you will NOT be sorry). 

Wed, Aug 17, 2011

boystownEach summer, the same cycle repeats itself: as the temperatures rise, crime statistics also increase, bringing with them news coverage and community responses that often expose and inflame the deep racial and class divisions in Chicago.

A series of violent clashes over the last few months in Lakeview have sparked heated community meetings and online discussions. Although the responses have been as diverse as the LGBTQ community itself, some individuals have blamed the recent attacks on LGBTQ youth of color, and have gone so far as to call for social services for queer youth to be shut down in the neighborhood. The situation is complicated, but youth are not the problem.

Fri, Jul 29, 2011

Mini Golf Invite

Come on out for the fifth annual mini golf, big change!
a miniature golf outing to benefit Crossroads Fund.
Play a round of mini golf and support social justice in Chicago!

Thu, Jul 07, 2011

Jeanne KracherHere at Crossroads Fund, we love hearing about the campaigns and victories of our grantees, who are working to build racial, social, and economic justice in Chicago. But we realize that those stories don’t always reach a wider audience, outside of the individuals directly involved with the issue. When our grantees do make it into the news, we know that the headlines often do not examine the complexities of the issues or how the real story is unfolding.

Wed, Jul 06, 2011

Whittier ProtestAfter a three year battle Chicago education advocates won the passage of a new bill that will require increased transparency and accountability from the Chicago Public School authorities. Illinois State Bill 620 requires the city to create and publish annual, medium, and long term plans for capital investments in CPS facilities, with input from local school councils. CPS also must announce school closings and turnarounds each year by December 1, and have a transition plan to support students impacted by school changes.


Thu, Jun 02, 2011