Hot Rad[ical] Summer

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June turned out to be one of the warmest months on record for Chicago. The recent fiery full moon was a result of smoke from the Western wildfires that made its way across the United States. Meanwhile, some parts of Asia and Europe have experienced the worst floods in decades. These events are a solemn reminder that the planet we’re inhabiting continues to warm up.  The deliberate actions by the state and institutions that uphold white supremacy today will have consequences that affect all of us, regardless of what corner of the world we live in.

At Crossroads Fund, we’re feeling the heat as we raise money to support grassroots movements sounding the alarm on environmental degradation and other disparities that influence our food, water, health and lifestyle choices for the foreseeable future. Our mandate is to fund grassroots groups mobilizing people towards a healthy and safe future that should be promised to all.

For the next four weeks we invite you to join our Hot Rad [ical] Summer fundraising campaign. Together, we will raise money to support organizing in Chicago. Will you join us by making a one-time gift or a gift over time?

In Solidarity,

Jane Kimondo

Executive Director