Great news! (OK, maybe not as exciting as the “Buffet Rule”)!Crossroads Fund will be the featured cause for three days on Groupon!  I know – we are excited too!Crossroads Fund and G-Team, the philanthropic arm of Groupon, are teaming up so that we can continue to be an awesome social justice grantmaking organization.  As a small public foundation we rely on creative ways to raise money and highlight our grantees.Being featured on Groupon’s daily email for three days will gives us the opportunity to connect to Chicagoans who may have never heard of Crossroads Fund.  SO HELP US REACH OUT!Our 15 minutes of fame on Groupon will run for three days (Sept. 27-29), but we won’t be successful without your support.There is a catch (Duh!) and here is where we really need your help.100% of the proceeds raised through Groupon will go to Crossroads Fund – provided that the “deal” gets “tipped”. That means, when at least 50 people donate from September 27 through September 29 we get more grantmaking funds! Can you say, “Si se puede!”While you won’t get a discount on a bullhorn, you may get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Here is how you can help us maximize our fundraising campaign on Groupon:How do I donate through Groupon?Go to: “Buy” and select quantity, e.g., 1 = $10, 2 = $20, etc.COMPLETE ORDER.Share this message so more people can participate! 1. Copy & Paste this tweet and spread the message: Support Crossroads Fund via Groupon Sept 27-29! Let’s support racial, social & economic justice orgs!2. Share a link to our Groupon donation page on Facebook… we’ll make sure you have the link!