A New Chapter Begins


Jane Kimondo


A new chapter begins.

Jane steps into the role of Executive Director at Crossroads Fund with decades of experience in nonprofit management locally, nationally, and internationally.  Her local work has included the Council of International Programs, Loyola University Chicago and Chicago Foundation for Women. She has dedicated her talents and skills to Crossroads Fund over the last 13 years.

The arc of Jane’s career has prepared her for the Executive Director position. Formative experiences include working in academia, which instilled in her the joy of learning and the ability to operate in the world as both a teacher and learner.  At Chicago Foundation for Women she developed an appreciation for using a specific lens for specific populations.  This informed her thought process when co-creating the Youth Fund for Social Change - 10 years later the fund is one of the few grantmaking sources in Chicago that is youth specific. 

Jane provided leadership in creating several notable programs including the award-winning, Cultivate: Women of Color Leadership Program, a partnership with Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW), Woods Fund Chicago, and the Chicago Community Trust. In addition to securing institutional funding for these programs, Jane has played a key role in fundraising from individuals, foundations, and through the Giving Project. Jane also played a leading role in the creation of the Social Movements Development Model, an evaluation tool created that measures social change work.

During her tenure, Jane has been instrumental in growing our grantmaking from $360,000 in Fiscal Year 2006 to granting out a historic $1 million in Fiscal Year 2018.  Jane is uniquely positioned and qualified to move the organization into its next 40 years of supporting local movements for justice.


Jane speaking at Seeds of Change on April 6, 2018.


“I would be remiss to think that any of my accomplishments would have been possible without the dedication of my colleagues and the various members of Crossroads Fund Board of Directors over the years. Through them, I have learned the power of collaboration, building trust, taking risks and being bold together, and the imperative necessity to lean on and learn from each other.  As I reflect on what we have collectively achieved during my tenure and with an intimate knowledge of what it takes to build on a legacy of success, I am thrilled to be the new Executive Director of Crossroads Fund,” Jane Kimondo

As Crossroads Fund moves into the next phase, with a clear roadmap outlined in the strategic plan, Jane will be stepping into a leadership role that is closely aligned to this plan – that of advancing leadership of people of color in all facets of the organization. 

Jane holds two Master's Degrees in Organizational Development and Human Resources and a Certificate in Advanced Study in Philanthropy & Non-Profit Sector from Loyola University Chicago.