Jane Kimondo and Jeanne Kracher Dear Friends of Crossroads Fund,It is with mixed emotions that we write to let you know that Jeanne Kracher is retiring at the end of June 2019. We will miss her tremendously but we are also happy for her. It is with great excitement that we announce that Program Director Jane Kimondo will become the Executive Director in July 2019.Jeanne joined Crossroads Fund as Executive Director in March of 2000. During her tenure, she helped to propel the organization to increase our grantmaking from $200K in 2000 to over $1 million in 2018, expand the staff, and initiate leadership development practices across all positions in order to create a strong bench. Jeanne oversaw the creation of the first endowments for Crossroads Fund with the Synapses Fund Endowment in 2009 and then the Big Change Campaign, which raised over $2 million in cash gifts, forming the basis of a general endowment with several focus funds. Over two decades, Jeanne worked with the staff and board to build a relevant, nimble, and strong organization committed to increasing resources for organizing and movement building. We thank Jeanne and wish her all the best as she moves into a more relaxed phase of life and want you to know that we will be creating opportunities in the next months to celebrate her leadership with you.  We are thrilled to let you know that Jane Kimondo will be our new Executive Director starting on July 1, 2019.Jane has been with Crossroads Fund for 13 years in our Program Department. As a known and respected leader in the grassroots, philanthropic, and donor communities in the Chicago region, Jane has a strong track record of engaging grantees and donors in the work of Crossroads Fund. She is exceptionally knowledgeable of our mission to support innovative organizing models that build strong movements for racial, social, and economic justice. Her leadership at Crossroad Fund was instrumental in the creation of the Youth Fund for Social Change; the Cultivate: Women of Color Program; and the Giving Project. Her years as Director of Programs combined with her experience in fundraising and communications have rooted her in the work of our entire organization. Jeanne and Jane have worked closely together over the last period within a senior leadership team model. No one knows the organization as well or is as committed to its future success, growth, and stability as Jane.As Crossroads Fund moves into our next phase, we have a roadmap to guide us through the transition.  In 2018, we conducted a strategic planning process involving board, staff, and 51 stakeholders from a range of our community (grantees, donors, foundation colleagues). The three-year strategic plan that resulted will serve as a strong entry point and work-plan for the new Executive Director, staff, and board taking us into our 40th anniversary in 2021.This passing of the baton, from Jeanne to Jane, is in keeping with our organizational commitment to build strong leaders and center people of color in all of our work. We are grateful to Jeanne Kracher and applaud her work to build a solid organization over the last 19 years. We are fortunate that Jane Kimondo is perfectly positioned to carry Crossroads Fund into our fourth decade of funding “change, not charity.”As always, thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to this work. Please let us know if you have any questions. Warm regards,Sue Eleuterio                          Gary ArnoldBoard Co-Chair                      Board Co-Chair