In Memory of Vreni Naess

Jaquelyn Zevin, Vreni Naess, and Jacqueline Kirley in 2017.


In Memory of Vreni Naess


"She touched many, many lives, helping people make connections and get
where they were trying to go (some she introduced even got married to
each other!). She always went the extra mile to shape the outcome she felt
should happen. She cared deeply about many issues, often writing to
legislators, newspapers, companies and organizations with suggestions,
concerns and advice. With her deep decency, she brought out the best in people."

Vreni Naess family has requested that remembrances be made in the form of contributions to the Lisa Fittko Internship Fund, a program that Vreni Naess co-founded in 2006.

Three friends of Lisa Fittko -- Vreni Naess, Jacqueline Kirley, and Jaquelyn Zevin --  established the Lisa Fittko Internship Fund in 2006 to honor her legacy as a social justice activist.

The Lisa Fittko Internship is a six month, paid internship for a young activist at Crossroads Fund. Lisa Fittko Interns work for 20 hours a week, participating in fundraising and grantmaking activities as well as an individual project that is unique to the intern. The Fittko Internship is a continuation of the Crossroads Fund commitment to fostering young progressive leaders. To learn more about the Lisa Fittko Internship Fund go here.

There are several ways to give to the Lisa Fittko Internship Fund in Vreni’s memory. You can either donate online through our website (below) or mail a check to:

Crossroads Fund, 3411 W. Diversey Ave., #20, Chicago, IL, 60647. 

Thank you and we will be sure to let her family know that you donated.