Introducing the 2013 Crossroads Fund Grantees!

Jane Kimondo
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Protests against school closings. Photo by Sarah Jane RheeIn fiscal year 2013, Crossroads Fund gave out $326,929 in direct grants, training, consultation and public programs, supporting over 76 organizations working across a broad range of issues and communities. In our Seed Fund grant cycle alone, we received 98 applications, a new record for Crossroads Fund!

As a funder of new and emerging grassroots groups, Crossroads Fund’s grantees’ areas of work mirror the most pressing issues of the day. We saw a large increase in grants for work around education justice, including first time funding for Raise Your Hand, a grassroots group focused on school closings, education funding and Tax Increment Financing or TIF resources. A number of longtime grantees, including Blocks Together, Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce, Circles and Ciphers, Fearless Leading by the Youth and Grassroots Collaborative have increased their work around schools as well, including promoting restorative justice programs, offering alternative curricula to teachers and advocating for a more just allocation of tax dollars.

As the impact of the closure of mental health clinics and cuts to public health services in Chicago continue to reverberate, and the Affordable Care Act is implemented, healthcare and health justice were also a common theme in our funding. The Public Health Organization, a coalition of healthcare workers, community members and consumers, is a new grantee grappling with all the above issues. Southside Together Organizing for Power and Jane Addams Senior Caucus also continued their long term work around mental health access and Medicare funding. 

In addition to direct financial support to grassroots groups, Crossroads Fund also provided tens of thousands of dollars in consulting, workshops and staff support to help our grantees increase their capacity and impact. We organized gatherings and trainings for youth activists where they could share strategies with each other and learn from older generations of activists. We offered workshops on building non-profit boards and running all volunteer organizations. And finally we met one on one with dozens of grantees and applicants to talk to them about their work, grassroots fundraising strategies, organizing tactics, evaluation and more.

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We are incredibly proud of the vision, missions and accomplishments of our 2013 grantee groups, and we expect to see great work from them in the coming year.