Occupy Chicago Pooled Fund

Occupy Chicago

Occupy Chicago is no longer taking donations for our general operations. Instead, we encourage you to support these affinity groups and activist collectives that are continuing to do great work. Click on the links below to get in touch with them for ways to donate time or money. Thank you.

In solidarity, Occupy Chicago

NATO5 defense fund [wepay.com/donations/nato-5-defense] [@FreeNATO5]
Occupy CPS [https://www.facebook.com/OccupyCPS] [@OccupyCPS]
Occupy el Bario [https://www.facebook.com/groups/317120191637371/]
Occupy Rogers Park [https://www.facebook.com/occupyrogerspark] [@OccupyRPChicago]
R.A.D. (Radicals Against Discrimination) [https://www.facebook.com/chicagoradicals] [@ChicagoRADicals]